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Instead of wasting time doom-scrolling through disconnected platforms, bring the movies, series, podcasts, and books your friends recommend into one place.


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Micro-Social Community for Growth

The #1 Google search question in 2021 was "What to Watch?" We will no longer have to settle for what a lifeless search engine or manipulative algorithm suggests. CliqRex empowers us with what our trusted friends and family are enjoying.


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Revenue Streams

CliqRex is a free app with the financial sustainability of four revenue streams: Premium, Affiliate, Ad Revenue, and Sponsorships.

Protecting WellBeing for Good

Ensuring that CliqRex is a positive and healthy experience is integral to the CliqRex DNA.

CliqRex CARES© applies the proprietary C.A.R.E.S. model of Social WellBeing© , and measures the efficacy of its efforts, to ensure that everyone feels that the CliqRex experience enhances their sense of community, agency, recognition, equity, and security.


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CliqRex for iOS and Android

What was that show my friend suggested for me?

No more digging for notes on napkins or scrolling hoping you remember what they said. With CliqRex on iOS and android devices, users can store information when they hear a friend rave about that podcast that they just have to listen to.


Message from CEO

Watch the quick 45 second video and find out more about our CEO's vision.

Our Team

Our team is filled with successful leaders who immediately saw the potential of CliqRex and jumped on board.

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