Dara O’Loughlin

Dara is committed to the crafting of meaningful and transformative experiences for others. She has put her heart into developing and teaching coursework in art, technology, and yoga that empowers and enhances lives; and she has worked together with her husband, James, on creative problem-solving adventures to enhance the life of their profoundly brain-injured son. 

Dara was trained as both an artist and educator at Miami University, where she met James and received her BFA and BS in Art Education. Dara and James have successfully worked together professionally in several places. First, it was at a small elementary school in College Corner, OH where she taught art and James was the “tech guy.” Then, they worked together at a marketing firm in Cincinnati, OH. There, she piloted an exciting new Technologist in Residence program that brought much appreciated one-on-one technology education to teachers in Cincinnati Public Schools while James was programming and designing. The program expanded with Dara leading other TIRs to share technology that enhanced teachers’ and students’ lives. 

It was during her position as a Technologist In Residence that her career had to shift, as she gave birth to a child who would provide James and Dara the most challenging problem-solving opportunities of their lives. Their son, Emmett, suffered a detrimental lack of oxygen at birth, and now at age 18 is still unable to walk, sit, speak, or even use his hands – though his smile lights up every living soul. Identifying his needs and enhancing his life experiences have required enormous creative problem solving and teamwork. There is something magical about James and Dara working together, whether it’s starting a business, raising their three incredible children, or converting a shuttle bus to a medically supportive recreational vehicle for their family to be able to travel with their son, transformational ideas translate into action, done in a meaningful and beautiful way.