James O’Loughlin

James has always been intrigued by technology and has been at the forefront of utilizing it since a young age. He started programming on Apple ][e in the late 1970s and wrote a grade-keeping program for his high school teachers at age 14. He joined the Army in 1989 and repaired missile guidance systems. He then set up and ran multi-line bulletin board systems in the early 1990s. Also during this time, while attending Miami University, he set up the university’s computer networking system for faculty and students. In the early 2000s, he worked as a developer and created a CMS (content management system) for hundreds of clients. He was promoted to Vice President and helped grow the business into a full-service digital agency. After 20 years there, he started up Pixaura as co-founder and CEO, and has grown the business to 20 employees in 3 years. For the last 5+ years, he has been honing his craft by teaching UI/UX at the University of Cincinnati and The Art Academy of Cincinnati. James was also an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and started mining Bitcoins in 2011. He thought Bitcoin was the most exciting technology he had encountered until he and his wife, Dara, created CliqRex. 

Outside of technology, James was the president of Team Hungry Cycling, Cincinnati’s largest cycling team, for ten years. He has completed multiple 100-mile mountain bike races, triathlons, and what is deemed the most difficult gravel bike race in the country, a 200-mile race across Kansas. The challenge of completing an ultra-endurance race requires training, technology (bike), tools, nutrition, and, most importantly, the perseverance to finish in the face of what sometimes feels like an insurmountable obstacle. James has the drive to see projects, goals, and dreams to completion. 

Creator, Developer, and Strategic Community Builder 

 . . .. … :: { Apple ][ -> C=64 -> Amiga -> BBS -> VAX -> digital marketing -> Crypto -> CEO at Pixaura Digital LLC. the agency building and marketing CliqRex Inc. } :: … .. . .


James is an incredibly dedicated leader, who never fails to achieve the goals he sets for himself and his team. He has repeatedly faced the absolute limits of human adversity, and has resolutely emerged every time, often carrying others on his shoulders. He has an uncommon ability to integrate leading edge technical capabilities with an artistically inspired design aesthetic, resulting in a fluid and rewarding user experience. Some people say don’t bet against Elon Musk; I say don’t bet against James O’Loughlin.

Jacob Pultorak

I ‘m investing because I believe in James’ vision for CliqRex and in his proven ability to deliver. I’ve known him for 10 years and am constantly impressed by his authenticity, his resilience, and incredibly positive outlook on work and life, no matter what it throws at him. As soon as I learned about his idea for CliqRex, I wanted to be involved, I believe that CliqRex is going to be one of those innovations that we’ll wonder how we managed before we had it. The timing is key here. We’ve spent the last two years socially and physically confined by COVID and increasingly insidious algorithms that leave us never knowing what we don’t know. CliqRex leverages the algorithm for good by bringing me closer to my friends, not wrapping me in a bubble of one. My conversations with friends always cover what we’re watching yet I can’t remember any of it when I’m faced with all of the streaming options on my Apple TV, CliqRex will allow me to store their recommendations in real time, organize them into lists, and access them when I need them. I’ve using the beta app for a while and it’s been rewarding to share content with friends and feel in control of my digital options again. Importantly for me, CliqRex also provide previously unrepresented people into the benefits of Web 3.0. It is the app that we need now, with the versatility and agility to continue to evolve as the landscape evolves. Before I invested, I did the work to see what else is out there. Nothing else solves so many challenges for consumers and embraces the positive potential of social media and Web 3.0 like CliqRex.

Gillian Oakenfull

I have had the pleasure of knowing James for the last 15 years as our sons grew up together playing soccer. On the sideline and between games, he has always been the positive voice who works with others to get creative and cool stuff done. When he told me about CliqRex, I reflected on who he is as a person, father, and leader among the families connected to the school and soccer team, as well as what I have learned about his life experience and career path. I had no doubt he would make it happen and the MInimum Viable Product (MVP) for CliqRex bears that out. He has done this by staying focused on the core underlying purpose for the app: connecting people to find common points of interest. This reflects what he cares about as a person, not just as a professional. And it comes across in the quality of the work and the team he has put together to bring this to life.

James Edmondson

James is infectious. He says what he’s gonna do, and does what he says. High energy, high integrity, highly prepared for this!

Michael Lefort