Karl Thomsen

Karl is currently serving in his 8th year at Infuse.us, a software development firm based in San Francisco, CA. After joining Infuse as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operations Officer for 2 years, Karl assumed the reins as CEO where he has turned the company into a successful and profitable company with concentrations primarily in the Payment Processing and Healthcare verticals. Prior to entering Software, Karl had ventures in Conducting (music), Finance (Bear Stearns), Advertisement Agency (Bridge International w/Procter & Gamble) and spent a dozen years teaching at a private Jesuit High School in Cincinnati, OH (St. Xavier High School) where in addition to a varied teaching load, he also coached Swimming and Lacrosse while holding positions on an asundry of Committees and Boards. Joining the CliqRex team as the CTO, Karl is responsible for stack, work-flow, feature sets, product management/vision and development sprints and execution. He is the proud father of 3 daughters and a son and is celebrating his 21st year of marriage with Emeline Rose Thomsen. Recently, Karl and his family moved back to Cincinnati to celebrate the birth of their first granddaughter, Marian.