The Team

Collectively, the team has:

  • Experience leading organizations through multiple exits
  • Over 200 years of creating and delivering tech solutions
  • Experience with go-to-market strategy and product launches
  • Expertise in protecting and enhancing consumer wellbeing, especially among marginalized communities
James O'Loughlin
James O’Loughlin CEO

James has always been intrigued by technology and has been at the forefront of utilizing it since a young age. He started programming on Apple ][e in the late 1970s and wrote a grade-keeping program for his high school teachers at age 14. He joined the Army in 1989 and repaired missile guidance systems. He […]

Gillian Oakenfull
Gillian Oakenfull CMO

Gillian Oakenfull earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Houston in 1998. She is the owner of ReThink Lab, a brand-consultancy focused on providing organizations with a different take on diversity, equity, and inclusion that captures the whole consumer and employee through a cultural lens, leading to an outcome beyond inclusion, and providing […]

Pete Mastin
Pete Mastin COO

Pete has led multiple companies to various exits. He has worked as an SVP or C-level executive for public companies and startups. Pete is passionate about making the Internet better (because there is a lot to improve), as well as learning and development (L&D). He enjoys exploring new use cases for video that improve the […]

Bob Roman
Bob Roman CTO

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Bob has always been associated with delivering engaging experiences and technical insight across multiple industry verticals and delivering against diverse objectives.  For the last 18 years as Founder & CEO of FIREANT STUDIO, Inc., he has strategized and created interactive solutions for global non-profits, organizations focused […]

Dara O'Loughlin
Dara O’Loughlin CXO

Dara is committed to the crafting of meaningful and transformative experiences for others. She has put her heart into developing and teaching coursework in art, technology, and yoga that empowers and enhances lives; and she has worked together with her husband, James, on creative problem-solving adventures to enhance the life of their profoundly brain-injured son.  […]

Timur Akilov
Timur Akilov CFO

Timur has been working in the software and IT field since 1999, when he started as a software developer at Computer Associates, one of the leading software companies. His dedication and drive for success have earned him much trust and respect among his colleagues. After Computer Associates, Timur co-founded, led or took part in many […]